josé gallego


Tributes: "A recent series inspired by artists, a sort of homage to painters and photographers interpreted according to my point of view." The artist's perspective on the studies of Dalì, Caravaggio, DavidHopper where a lone gas station, or a pylon speak about landscapes created by man, but strangers to him. "I try to create worlds that are in this world," the artist captures carved details with light and shadow in a manner reminiscent of the seventeenth-century Dutch painting and we could only hope to achieve with our own eyes.

After a series of pictures about the influence of several artists on my own concept and vision of art (the series called Tributes), I'm devoted now to a series of photos through which I would like to raise the matter of the union between the natural and the artificial, man-made world. This is something I have always found fascinating: the action of man over nature creates different, borderland spaces, where neither nature nor man feel at ease. Moreover, all this brings up a reflection upon our own role in nature's: not just upon man's solitude but also upon nature's itself. This union between human and natural action results, in my case, in both works that vaguely recreate a surrealistic atmosphere and others close to abstraction. They are two sides of the same coin. I still consider photography as a means of showing a different reality but starting from real material. Consequently, it turns into a chance to think about and reflect upon ourselves and the world, to establish a dialogue between the real and the absurd. The photographic influences on this series are varied and diverse, although I would like to point out the Bechers, Luigi Ghirri, Franco Fontana, and more recently Edward Burtynsky and José Guerrero.

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