Inkyo BACK - Kim BOKYUNG - NayeonJasmina HAN - Park MISOON

Project KOREA

May 10 - July 10, 2012
NICE (France), 5 rue du Lycée

NICE (France) – Monteoliveto Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of 4 young artists from South Korea, on view at 5 rue du Lycée from May 10 through July 10, 2012.

Project KOREA proposes a series of installations, digital and graphic works and color representation paintings realized with a singular philosophy and through innovative representation techniques and use of coulours in all different themes.

The colors are the main protagonist of INKYO BACK installations where the artist using tape, tubing, yarn, clay, wire, tile and other materials creates a dynamic and visually interesting space that captures the viewer in a web of color, a controlled chaotic display of pattern, shape and color.

KIM BOKYUNG modern color painting works follow 3 major features of Korea's traditional folk paintings: the planar configuration, the simplified expression and the decoration. Using intense colors in flatness instead of shade and black as a contrast element, she focuses 2 shapes animals overlapped in a single form.

NAYEON JASMINA HAN her graphic works are directly influenced by hyperrealism and performances. She represents in a very fresh and funny way some crazy moments of the everyday life, in a form that recalls comics and advertising representation.

In the painting works of PARK MISOON, re-composition and dissolution are the central theme of artifacts recomposed by the creative imagination of the artist. Reinterpreting portraits and objects, she realizes imaginative scenes as the intersection of fields and newly drawn stories.

Inkyo Back, Kim Bokyung, Nayeon Jasmina Han and Park Misoon are all born in South Korea in the eighties and  live in Seoul, USA and Japan. Monteoliveto Gallery has appreciated them in the recent March Kunstart Art Fair for emerging artists and from that date the gallery has decided to promote their works through Europe. Their works have been already exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in USA, Japan, China, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Korea. In May  2012, after the participation to the Art Fair in Aix en Provence with the gallery, their Project Korea is on view in Nice, Monteoliveto Gallery.

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