The impossibile worlds and the envahisseurs de toiles

May 10 - July 10, 2012
NICE (France), 5 rue du Lycée


NICE (France) – Monteoliveto Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of Gianmaria Giannetti, on view at 5 rue du Lycée from May 10 through July 10, 2012.

Gianmaria Giannetti is graduated in aesthetic philosophy and his imaginary worlds and two-dimensional universes come directly from his singular mind.

Experimental artist, he uses a very personal mixture of various languages ​​in new ways of expression, creating parallel universes, alternative escape routes to the normal logic of things. His painting, through a series of symbols and signs takes us beyond reality, where we find a new ironic and limitless rigor as a child's dream, which recalls the language of Michel Basquiat. As in expressionist painting by Basquiat, Giannetti uses writing to enrich and minimize the message of his work, to take us beyond the stereotypes and find a freedom being, through art.  Little figurines definitely less anthropomorphic, a painting maze trying to escape inevitably to a “where” that is a "when" or a "why"? His little anthropomorphic men, more similar to eggs than men, as well as strange characters filiform with a big balloon head like aliens invite us to abandon symbols, interpretation grids, coded images.

In his recent works he realizes a structured installation of 16 works as an ironic tribute to well known painters, making his little figurines escape from their originary works and, such as “envahisseurs de toiles”, he let them “invade” the other’s canvas.

Born in Milan in 1974, Gianmaria Giannetti lives and works between Bari and Finale Ligure with many participations in group exhibitions and solo events. With the gallery from 2009, the artist had 2 solo exhibitions in Naples and Nice and participates as resident artist to many art fairs in Italy and Europe. In July 2011 a professional Jury awarded the «Artists from around the World Cannes»  Trophy, the City of Cannes Golden Palm to Gianmaria Giannetti during the Fair at Palais des Festivals in Cannes under the patronage of Marina Picasso. He was also selected to participate to the 2011 Biennale of Venice Padiglione Italia with Puglia Region.  His works are in many private collections in Italy, France, Belgium and Montecarlo. His impossible worlds and his envahisseurs de toiles are on view in Nice, Monteoliveto Gallery.

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