June 7 - July 7, 2012
NAPLES, Piazza Monteoliveto 11

NAPLES: With the presence of Sabine Genz who has brought to the artist the greetings of the Consul of Germany in Italy, friends, journalists and art lovers have welcomed the German artist Nadine Y. Jeners and her unique and irreverent solo exhibition shoppingbag that remark with minimalist and ironic works the impact of consumerism in our day to day. In a setting where have found a place shopping bags, tubs of popcorn and bottles of sparkling wine with a wink to the dollhouse tiny objects in 3D on 30x30 canvases of the artist, the jewel-microsculptures by Stefania Ancarani and the silk of San Leucio bags have made ​​reference to other works in acrylic and collage dedicated to Jewels and shoppingbag .... The SALE canvas with an ironic label "Special offer" of $ 5000 complete the installation that offers the public an overview of some fun and innovative aspects of our "live". The show leaves us with a question: to buy ... buy!!! buy???

"Shoppingbag" Idea The paperpieces of the background are all from fashion magazines, for example  headlines or advertising Every second or with every view you can explore a new color, typographie or headline. As fast as life. This series will never stop, too, like the addresses exhibited in Nice, because Shoppingbag is an experimental project work.  An idea is, to give the products a new face or just make them simple. With this work I can combine my love for advertising, realizing my love for typograpy while I choose magazine headlines, trying different colour combinations (sometimes a little crazy: does hairspray really is lilac? But„Nokia is blue…) and the 3D-effect with the dollhouse articles! I play a little with the realization and reducing life of just a shoppingbag can be a little ironic: Do the people really have to shop, shop, shop? Please think of the nearest thing: just a flower from the garden can make you happy.  The flower is the thing, what I love. Cellphone, Hairspray, Icecream, Popcorn, Prosecco The products are from the dollhouse. I wanted to experiment with 3D, Colors of articles and minimalize life. But not on the simple things, but on crazy things. JEWELS is showing the windows from the TiffanyStore with little tiny silver bells. Blue, cool, elegant; "More Jewels" is showing the simplicity women love: Flowers. Red, warm, hearty. It´s not important to have the jewels, but it´s important to have the flower you get. SALE I love typographie and words! The word "Sale" is just lots of little "luxury". Do you see it? And the little price of 5000$..a special offer is hanging at the "L".

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