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September 15 - October 3, 2012

Monteoliveto Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of Gianmaria Giannetti, on view at Infantellina Contemporary from September 15 (Opening) through October 3, 2012. Gianmaria Giannetti is graduated in aesthetic philosophy and his imaginary worlds and two-dimensional universes come directly from his singular mind. Experimental artist, he uses a very personal mixture of various languages ​​in new ways of expression, creating parallel universes, alternative escape routes to the normal logic of things. His painting, through a series of symbols and signs takes us beyond reality, where we find a new ironic and limitless rigor as a child's dream, which recalls the language of Michel Basquiat. As in expressionist painting by Basquiat, Giannetti uses writing to enrich and minimize the message of his work, to take us beyond the stereotypes and find a freedom being, through art.  Little figurines definitely less anthropomorphic, a painting maze trying to escape inevitably to a “where” that is a "when" or a "why"? His little anthropomorphic men, more similar to eggs than men, as well as strange characters filiform with a big balloon head like aliens invite us to abandon symbols, interpretation grids, coded images. In his recent works he realizes structured installations of  works as an ironic tribute to well known painters, called “VanGoghisms, Chagallisms, Boschisms Rembrandtisms, Picassisms” making his little figurines escape from their originary works and, such as “envahisseurs de toiles”, he let them “invade” the other’s canvas.
By Carolina Lio
Sharp and ironic, Gianmaria Giannetti’s research derides the art system and its way of always referring to itself with a pictorial language deliberately neglected and caricatured. To do this, he uses a new type of ready-made that is affirmed in recent years from Cindy Sherman to John Currin: the work of classical art resumed and quoted, copied or even imitated. Even if there are mostly paintings to be exhibited, Gianmaria Giannetti project is definitely a show that should be lived through an installative breath and where a series of ironic recyclings take the form of the rough copy of paintings of the past. Citations intentionally sloppy, rough, clumsy like a childish joke of the great masterpieces of the past, follow each other in series with explicit titles: VanGoghisms, Chagallisms, Rembrandtisms, Boschisms and Picassisms. Famous works are newly proposed in their decayed phase, with the characters replaced by wiry egg-headed men with which the artist presents his own critical version of the levelling of contents given by contemporary art. And, thus, creating new contents, sarcastic and irreverent, unconventional, focused on the deconstruction of the work. An invasion of little men moving around like worker ants creating a sathyric mechanism aimed to criticize the unsuccessful path of art by making evident the grotesque mechanisms it is embroiled trying to find a new freedom.

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